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Virtual Campus (Digital Twin) Technology…


GEoSync Campus mapping 

Comprehensive . Easy to Use . Secure . Reliable

Improve Safety...
  • Reduce emergency response times

  • Securely share critical safety information

  • Interior addressing with photos and video links

  • Map floor plans – exits – shut offs – hazards

  • Meets E911 & NG911 mapping requirements

Improve Operations...
  • Quick & easy access to  facility information

  • Easily share with designers & suppliers 

  • Floor plans – equipment – utilities – EHS items

  • Quickly measure distances – heights - areas

  • Track and  document  O&M  activities

GeoSync Campus Mapping produces a virtual representation of your campus (digital twin) providing web and mobile software for viewing, sharing, analyzing, and managing critical safety and facility information.  GeoSync Campus Mapping offers a unique and flexible approach to building a virtual campus, providing affordable digital pathways for campus operations of any size and technical level.

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