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Primary framework container for managing and sharing maps, scenes, files, and media.  You can create as many projects as you want and there is no limit on the number of objects stored.

Create a new project...

Add a project and give it a name and permission settings

Add project media...

Files associated with the project shared for viewing and / or download

sources and layers

Supports GeoJSON files and XYZ raster tiles as sources.  Web mapping services and dynamic sources (SQL Tables) can also be configured. Create layers from the sources for map styling and interactive display.  Use blank sources and layers so users can populate through data capture workflows using customized project forms.  

Add a GeoJSON source and layer... 

Add a XYZ source and layer...

Add a Hotspot package including linked media...

Point clouds

Point clouds are stored in format for easy 3D visualization.  Convert LAS or LAZ files on the fly or directly upload your pre-converted point clouds.  The number of point clouds added to a project is not limited.

Add point clouds to a project...


Scenes support one or more point clouds and provide a configured interface for viewing, measuring, and analyzing point cloud data.  The number of scenes per project is not limited.


Create a scene...


Maps allow for the customized display of configured layers in an easy to use web interface.  The interface allows layers to toggled, data to be captured using forms, linked media to be viewed, and basic navigation using GNSS device locations.

Create a new map...


Web forms can be created and paired with sources to create powerful data capture applications.  Forms can be added to maps or scenes for capturing information.  The number of forms per project is not limited.

Add a form to a project..

360 tools

Tools for processing and converting images and point clouds are included as part of  GeoSync Z-Tools Pro.  These tools are included to assist in GIS and CAD workflows where processing steps are missing or inefficient.  

360 Tools Overview....


GeoSync Cloud is flexible allowing for many different  data approaches and workflows.   The philosophy is to use the capabilities and applications that add value to your primary business work processes.  

Typical workflows...

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